In my first post on this subject, we discussed and dismissed a number of myths about soy, e.g.

  • Men will develop “Man boobs”
  • Soy may increase the risk of cancer, including breast cancer
  • Soy lowers testosterone levels in men

Here are a couple of other popular myths:

  • Soy interferes with thyroid metabolism
    There are some concerns that soy can interfere with thyroid function.
    However, a recent study found that consumption of soy protein has no effect on thyroid hormones.
  • Soy is hard on the kidneys
    Animal protein is much harder to digest than vegetable protein. Since many people have digestive difficulties, protein that is not thoroughly digested is very challenging to the kidneys. Powdered protein, however, is in a pre-digested state, and is the BEST protein source to choose!

Now that we’ve busted these soy myths, here are some of the actual benefits of soy based on the best science we know.

The good news is that soy protein may:

  • Help prevent breast cancer
  • Help prevent prostate cancer
  • Reduce LDL cholesterol
  • Increase T-cell activity (Increased immunity)
  • Act as a powerful anti-oxidant against “trans fatty acids”
  • Improve heart health
  • Strengthen aging bones
  • Slow menopause

In summary, we encourage a skeptical approach, because the internet is full of unsupported, unreliable data and opinions.

For more on soy issues, I recommend reputable sites such as:
The American Council for Science and Health
The National Library of Medicine

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