The M.D.News reports that Muscadine berries are “…are among the richest sources of antioxidants found in nature.” It goes on to say that Muscadine grapes “…are a leading food source for a potent cancer-fighting substance called resveratrol.” Because these berries are raised in the sandy conditions of a coastal climate, they develop “…resistance to disease, viruses, bacteria, pests and mold. The plant’s adaptation to these conditions has developed unique properties that have significant health benefits for those who consume the muscadine grape.”

In recognition of the potential health benefits of the Muscadine berry, one prominent Wellness company has contracted with a number of vineyards in the southeast United States to buy their entire harvests for the next five or more years. Or, it would be more correct to say they’re purchasing the skins and other byproducts of the harvests.

They went on to develop a product containing an extract of Muscadine berries that contains a complex mixture of many polyphenols, and containing resveratrol.  (Polyphenols is a group of phytonutrients that confer antioxidant benefits and potentially protective effects against cellular aging. In fact, emerging research suggests that polyphenols may elicit multiple biological effects consistent with sustained and improved human health).

The company then conducted a number of studies employing this product. One study looked at the impact of this antioxidant product on oxidative stress. Participants in this study were fed one meal a day that was high in fat and carbohydrates. The participants who were supplemented with the antioxidant supplement had dramatically lower levels of reactive oxygen species (pro-oxidants) and inflammation when compared to a placebo group.

Another study looked at the affect of this “Muscadine extract” on the skin. The finding suggest that this topical application “…may have beneficial effects on skin elasticity and firmness and may have UVB protective effects by reducing the DNA damage, repairing the DNA damage and improving cell survival.”

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