In last week’s wellness webcast, Honest truth about supplements, Dr. Daggy, Dr. Westerdahl and Alyson Chugerman discussed their knowledge on the food supplement industry to help you discover the good, the bad, and the ugly about supplements.

I realize you might not have time to watch the whole webcast replay, so I made a few notes to share with you and had our video team edit 3 short video segments I thought you’d enjoy.

4 reasons we need supplements: 
1. Nutrient deficiencies
2. Health conditions
3. Lifestyle factors
4. Age-related factors

Micro nutrients 101
The first video segment I thought you’d like to see is Dr. Westerdahl’s 3 minute explanation of the importance of macro and micronutrients.

The second segment I thought you’d enjoy, is a little skit our nutritional scientists did to point out the sad reality of how many supplement are created.

Because both Dr. Daggy and Dr. Westerdahl have worked in the food supplement industry, they have an intimate knowledge of the good, bad and the ugly in the industry.

It’s a bit tongue and cheek but I think you’ll get a laugh out of it.

The third segment I thought you’d enjoy has Dr. Daggy explaining why Shaklee is so different and insights into their testing, expertise and equipment.

He also mentioned when looking for a company you can trust, to look for substantiation, and does a good job explaining that.

I hope you enjoyed my notes and video clips and find their talk as helpful as I did!

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