You may not realize how helpful a sports drink can be on a hot summer day. I’m not talking about the sweet sugar blasts they try to pass off as a sports drink.

I’m talking about a healthy drink that rehydrates you and keeps your electrolytes in balance.

When your body becomes low on electrolytes, it can impair your body’s functions, such as blood clotting, muscle contractions, acid balance, and fluid regulation.

What are electrolytes?
Electrolytes are essential minerals – such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, and chloride – that perform critical functions in the body.

Electrolytes are essential for: 

  • Regulating your pH levels
  • Control your fluid balance
  • Ensure that your muscles and nerves function properly

We mainly lose electrolytes through excessive sweating.
Your electrolyte level might be out of whack if you get one of these symptoms: fatigue, headache, nausea, muscle cramps, low energy, or simply not feeling well.

If you’ve had a stomach bug, it’s also a smart idea to replenish electrolytes. Also, if you monitor your blood pressure, a drop could indicate that you need electrolytes.

3 reasons a sports drink helps you

  1. Can hydrate you better than water.
  2. Helps you balance electrolytes
  3. Gives you a boost of energy

Unfortunately, most drinks have high sugar and calorie content, as well as artificial sweeteners, colors, and flavors.

Luckily,¬†My Favorite Sports Drink¬†doesn’t have any of those ingredients we don’t need. It actually tastes great, is low-calorie, and it’s naturally sweetened. It’s so pure even Olympians use it!

Here’s what to look for in a great sports drink:

  • Low-calories
  • Helps maintain blood glucose levels
  • Includes a blend of electrolytes
  • Has a mix of carbs for quick energy
  • Provides the essential electrolytes your body needs
  • Not packed with sugar or artificial ingredients
  • Uses natural ingredients

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