In 1992 NASA felt compelled to conduct a study to evaluate hydration solutions to be used by their astronauts who were experiencing hypohydration while in space. They knew that proper hydration is critical before, during and after space walks, a few hours before re-entry and after landing.

As noted in Nutrition for Sport, Exercise, and Health, authors Marie Spano, Laura Kruskall and D. Travis Thomas, found that individuals with severe hypohydration can experience symptoms that could lead to disastrous consequences during space flight and space walks, re-entry and landing, including: 

  • dizziness or lightheadedness, 
  • confusion,  
  • unconsciousness,  
  • delirium,  
  • reduced stroke volume and cardiac output, and 
  • reduced blood flow to muscles 

To assist in their study, entitled Vascular Uptake of Rehydration Fluids in Hypohydrated Men at Rest and Exercise, NASA reached out to scientists at the most clinically-proven wellness company in the world for their assistance. Upon completion of their study, NASA decided to partner with this company to provide their astronauts with the solution the company developed and labeled as AstroAide® – a product astronauts continue to use to this day! 

While probably none of you reading this blog will be flying in space anytime soon, you’ll be happy to know that a “commercial” version of Astroaide® has been made available, and today is being used by Oympic and every-day athletes like you and me. 

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