Do you know what’s the most expensive vitamin?

The one that doesn’t work!

If you’re like me, you believe in the benefits of food supplements. But with so many choices out there, how do you know which ones to trust? There are over 1,500 food supplement companies, each claiming to be the best. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, right?

Let me share why I trust the supplements from my favorite wellness company. At a recent company conference, the CEO, Roger Barnett, told a story that really stood out to me.

During the pandemic, there was an enormous disruption, so Roger started to have monthly calls with the Chief Executives of all their major suppliers. Roger thought that if he met personally with the CEOs of their key partners, he could try to help keep their products in stock.

And then, of course, there’s this massive inflation that we’re all still experiencing.

So Roger continued his monthly calls with the CEOs, and they wanted to work together to brainstorm how they could rein in the costs that were getting way out of control.

Virtually every CEO came up with the same solution.
They said, “Roger, if you want to reduce costs, you should do less quality testing. You do more testing than any of our other customers.” Roger said, “What?”

Then they showed him a picture of the testing protocols being used in Roger’s company. The picture is a photograph of a portion of a testing protocol projected onto a large screen so it’s not very clear. But it is clear there’s a LOT of data!

And they said, “Roger, as you can see, your quality standards are out of control! No other company comes even close to asking for what you folks do.”

Let’s listen to how Roger responded,

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