For over 50 years I worked as a Clinical Scientist and Healthcare Administrator in the Healthcare field and had become accustomed to the accepted process of “healthcare.” Wait until you get sick. Go to the doctor to be diagnosed, and take whatever medicine he or she prescribes for as long as she tells you to take it. If you have side effects to one or more of the medicines prescribed, go back and get a different prescription, or get another prescription to counteract the side-effects of the previous one. Continue and repeat as necessary.

By the time I was 62, doctors had placed two cardiac stents in my heart, and I was well on my way to fulfilling one doctor’s assessment that by the time someone turned 60, they should be taking one prescription medication for every 10 years of age. Based on that “formula,” today I should be taking at least seven (7) prescriptions. In actuality, I am taking NONE.

What Happened? A number of years ago, I was introduced to a weight loss program associated with a company that has been conducting research and development in the area nutritional food supplements for over 65 years. While I was very happy to have lost over 40 pounds, I was very impressed with the quality and science behind the dietary supplements the company had developed. I began to listen, with my clinical scientist ears, to their scientists describe the research and development that went into the production of each product, and the testimonials of those who have benefited from the supplements not only in the area of weight loss, but also in such areas as increased energy, decreased glucose levels, decreased blood pressure, improved eyesight, decreased cholesterol, improved eyesight, etc.

Before being introduced to the dietary supplements described above, I had begun taking a well-known over-the-counter men’s vitamin, because my daughter thought I should be taking them. And I really felt good….that I was taking them. After all, when I read the label, I knew they had to be good, right? But then I learned that those vitamins had been manufactured in a laboratory and were very poorly absorbed.

Impact of supplements

However, when I saw the changes to my lipid levels, as shown in the chart above, that resulted from taking the natural dietary supplements, I realized that if I wanted to continue to improve my level of wellness, I could do so by continuing to take the dietary supplements that already had had such a positive impact!!

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