Most of us could live for weeks without food, but we can only last a few days without water. And although there’s a lot of water on the planet, very little of it is fit to drink.

Modern civilization depends on complex systems to treat, store, and deliver water, but these systems sometimes fail.

How concerned should we be? How do we even know if our drinking water is safe?

Join us in our upcoming wellness webcast and learn why water contamination is so prevalent, the health risks of drinking contaminated water, what we can do about it, and much more.

​In this webcast you’ll learn:

  • Why water contamination is so prevalent
  • What are the most common contaminants
  • Forever chemicals and their impact
  • How to ensure you have safe drinking water
  • Plus, much more!

Here are the details:
Date: Wednesday, April 12th
Time: 8pm ET / 5pm PT

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