​ Did you know that something as simple and delicious as dried plums can have a significant impact on your bone health?

Recent research has shown that these humble fruits are not just good for digestion but might also play a role in maintaining and protecting our bones.

Here’s the scoop:
A fascinating study conducted with sixty-six men revealed that incorporating 100 grams of dried plums into the daily diet can have bone-protective effects.

Yes, just by enjoying these sweet treats daily, the participants saw promising changes in their bone biomarkers.

What exactly did the study find?
Participants who consumed 100 grams of dried plums each day showed a decrease in certain markers that indicate bone breakdown, especially when measured at 3, 6, and 12 months.​

While the overall changes in bone density might not have been dramatic, the decrease in markers of bone breakdown suggests that dried plums could be playing a protective role. ​

This is a sweet bit of news, especially if you’re looking to boost your diet with bone-friendly choices!

Another recent study has unveiled some fantastic news: Just 50 grams of dried plums (that’s about 5-6 pieces) daily is an effective way of preventing bone loss among older, osteopenic postmenopausal women.

This little fruit is punching way above its weight!

Why is this important?
Maintaining strong bones is crucial as we age, and dietary choices play a key role in this.

The idea that a snack as simple as dried plums can contribute to bone health is not only fascinating but also a deliciously easy addition to our daily nutrition.

So, next time you’re at the grocery store, why not grab a bag of dried plums? Your bones might just thank you for it.

Plus, they’re perfect as a mid-morning snack, can be chopped into your oatmeal, or even blended into smoothies.

Every little bit adds up to a stronger, healthier you

In our ​upcoming wellness webcast, Fruit Secrets for Bone Health, Dr. Shirin Hooshmand, a celebrated Registered Dietitian and Professor of Nutrition, will shed light on this tasty topic. ​

She’ll delve into how everyday fruits, with a special spotlight on prunes, offer us more than just natural sugars and flavors. They’re packed with nutrients that stand guard for our bone health.

Join us on May 15th as we explore the fruity path to robust bones!

 Have a healthy week!

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