​Have you ever reached for that sweet treat and wondered why it’s so hard to resist? What if I told you that the real craving might not be coming from ‘you’ at all?

The culprits of your sugar cravings are the tiny organisms residing in your gut!


​There’s a fascinating science behind this phenomenon.

The Gut-Brain Axis is a remarkable communication network that links your gut flora to your mental state. Emerging research suggests that when you nourish your body with wholesome​ foods, your gut bacteria thrive – and so does your mood!

The ‘Gut-Brain Axis’ is just the tip of the iceberg. ​

​Beneath the surface lies a battle of wills between good and bad bacteria in your gut microbiome. When the not-so-friendly bacteria take over, they can send powerful messages to your brain, demanding a sugar feast.

Dr. Richard Brouse sheds light on this complex topic in this short video clip. ​

​Dr. Brouse’s insights were a highlight of our wellness webcast last week, Gut Instincts, where he breaks down the gut microbiome’s profound impact on our health, immune defenses, and even our emotions.​​

He also discussed how you can regain control and rebalance your gut flora, favoring those beneficial bacteria that support your health.

In case you missed it, you can ​watch the replay here.

Here’s to a healthy microbiome!

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