With the current agricultural practices straining the environment, we all know it may be necessary to make some changes. The good news is that the power to answer its call lies within our everyday choices, starting with what we put on our plates. ​

The EAT-Lancet Commission has laid out a roadmap for action, and it begins with the Planetary Diet – a luscious mosaic of plant-based foods, modest in animal proteins, and rich in diversity. It is designed not just to sustain us but to allow our planet to flourish alongside us.

Yet, adopting this promising diet raises 2 important questions:

  1. Is it healthy to follow a sustainable diet like the Planetary Diet?
  2. Can these diets provide all the nutrients our bodies need?

​A recent comprehensive analysis of 147 high-quality studies has confirmed that plant-based diets are not only healthier than traditional meat-centered diets but also more “environmentally friendly.”

The Nutritional Gap—And How to Fill It
However, it’s crucial to recognize that even the most wholesome sustainable diets aren’t always nutritionally complete and can fall short on certain nutrients, like EPA, DHA, vitamin B12, iron, and zinc— nutrients that are readily found in animal products. ​

Shortfalls of vegan diets:
Vegan diets tend to be inadequate in EPA, DHA, vitamins B12, vitamin D, calcium, iodine, iron, and zinc.

Shortfalls of vegetarian diets:
Vegetarian diets on the other hand are deficient in fiber, EPA, DHA, vitamins B12, D, E, calcium, iodine, iron, and zinc.

This is where the path to sustainability intersects with the need for responsible supplementation.

Why Supplement?
It’s the safety net that ensures your nutrition is complete while eating Vegan and Vegetarian diets.

By choosing supplements from providers who value sustainability as much as you do, we ensure that our path to health also paves the way to a greener tomorrow.

Eager to understand how you can balance sustainability with complete nutrition? Our ​upcoming wellness webcast, From Farm to Fork: Eating Well and Living Green is the perfect opportunity.

Join us on April 17th as we redefine what it means to eat smartly and sustainably, transforming your relationship with food into one that’s as enriching for the Earth as it is for your body.

Together, let’s step into a future where every meal is a step towards a thriving planet. ​

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