Are you struggling to keep your whites white and stains removed, but feel guilty using nasty harsh cleaners that are toxic to the environment? And have you found it difficult to get rid of stains without damaging your delicates?

While bleach is particularly effective at whitening and brightening stains, it can destroy clothes and delicate fabric. Bleach and many other store-bought whiteners are also highly toxic and pose a danger to your health, especially for kids. A study published in Occupational & Environmental Medicine in 2016 suggests that even just passive exposure to the chemical in the home is associated with a higher chance of childhood respiratory illness such as asthma and other infections.

 Our Nature Bright®Laundry Booster and Stain Remover is an eco-friendly alternative that is just as effective. Nature Bright uses only natural and biodegradable ingredients to remove stains and re-brighten laundry. They use ingredients like subtilisin and cellulase which are enzyme-based, biodegradable stain removers, as well as non-ionic surfactants naturally derived from fats and oils and are gentle to the skin.

Christine is one customer who specializes in restoring vintage lace garments and only uses Nature Bright because it’s very effective in bringing them back to bright white AND doesn’t damage the very delicate cloth. She noted This is the best laundry product I have ever used! It brightens both my white and colored clothes and they smell amazing! Once you try this product you will be hooked! I add this product to every wash load and always order three so I never run out!”

Another client, Bernice says; “Brighten your clothes without toxic bleach. I even use to soak toilet bowl because of rusty well water… works so well.”

Say goodbye to rashes on the skin, toxic fumes, chemical residues on clothing that masks stains, heavy perfumes, ocean damaging phosphates, and more.

Here’s to a healthier planet!!

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