The truth is, whether you’re an athlete or a busy mom on a full schedule, you need to hydrate, energize, and recover at some point during the day. So I thought I’d share about 3 sports products I swear by and how they can help.

1. Hydrate
It’s important to replace fluids lost through sweat when exercising or doing outdoor activities such as gardening or hiking on a hot day. When you sweat you lose some of the essential minerals that help your body carry out vital functions.

An electrolyte-based drink like Hydrate can help ensure that those functions like muscle contractions and nerve signaling will not be disrupted. One client writes; “From a home with heavy schedules – avid gardeners, a year round construction worker, being a Nana on the go, and increased need for hydration and energy, the Hydrate Endurance Drink is amazing. A must have for all of us!

2. Energy Chews
On any given day, you may feel lethargic or simply want to stay alert and focused. Some grab a cup of coffee to get a boost while others turn to energy drinks. Unfortunately, both of these pick-me-ups can contain harmful additives.

Energy Chews can provide the same kick faster, without the artificial flavors, sweeteners, colors, or added preservatives. Another client writes; “I eat 2 every morning and I love the clean energy that they give me all day long! I take them when I am driving long distance because I never want to feel tired while driving.

3. PM Recovery Complex
After a full day’s work, a long drive, or a quick session at the gym, you may feel your muscles getting stiff or sore, which could make it difficult for you to get a good night’s rest. Often the second day is worse.

Jenny L notes; “I’m a runner and tried this out to see if it would help with post-exercise soreness and it does! I can have a leg day at the gym or just a long afternoon working in the garden and if I take 1 or 2 at night, I am not sore the next day.”

And, I’d add our 180 Snack Bars for special mention because they’re perfect for when you go hiking or biking and need a healthy snack!

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