In last week’s wellness webcast, The Clean Beauty Controversy, wellness advocate Robin Reves-May shared one of her favorite clean beauty products, the Pomifera skincare.

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably never heard about this before. It’s actually a neat story.

An enterprising chemist noticed squirrels smashing open the fruit of the Osage Orange (Maclura pomifera) tree and eating the seeds. And he discovered the seed oil that contains the nutrients that power Pomifera products.

Here’s a short video of how the Pomifera oil was discovered.

This sustainable oil is not only good for your skin, it has positive environmental and societal impacts, too.

The Osage Orange seeds are grown using zero-input farming techniques in US farming communities in Iowa. The oil is then extracted using a carbon-neutral process, and the by-products are composted and spread on local lands.

Three Reasons Pomifera Skincare is Worth a Try

  1. Skincare Kept Simple
    Pomifera products are made with fewer ingredients: the star ingredient, the Pomifera oil, plus botanical extracts and essential oils. If you’re someone who appreciates a simple skincare regimen and values the use of minimal ingredients, Pomifera could be your perfect match.
  2. Clinically Tested Ingredient
    The Pomifera oil has been clinically tested to improve the appearance of age spots, deep wrinkles, emerging wrinkles, and fine lines.
  3. High Quality, Affordable Skincare
    Pomifera products are more budget-friendly than other skincare brands, which makes it a fantastic option for younger individuals beginning their skincare journeys or anyone looking for high-quality skincare that doesn’t break the bank.

In this 2-minute clip, Robin shares her love for Pomifera skincare and the effect it has had on her skin.

To know more about Pomifera skincare and the other clean beauty products shared by our wellness advocates, I highly recommend that you watch the replay of The Clean Beauty Controversy, webcast in my wellness center.

Take care, and stay beautiful.

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