Nutrient Deficiencies in Pregnant Women

Category: Healthy Baby

In a wellness webcast we broadcast last week, The Science Behind Prenatal Nutrition, our nutritional scientist Dr. Bruce Daggy discussed the inadequacy of 6 essential nutrients among a significant number […]

Is Krill Oil the Best Omega-3?

Category: Healthy Choices

You may have come across articles or received emails about supplements claiming they are the best. They give fairly reasonable arguments to support their claims to get you hooked, with […]


Category: Healthy Brain

We all forget things sometimes. But if you notice that you’re becoming more forgetful or having trouble staying focused, don’t worry—it’s completely normal. Neural connections in our brains start declining […]

Do You Want a Healthy Brain?*

Category: Healthy Brain

If you are like most people, your efforts to stay fit mean focusing on structures below your neck—your muscles and joints. Your brain needs exercise too—and maybe even more than […]